On August 31 1987, Rick Yergler started Yergler Construction Co as a sole proprietor

01 Introduction

YCC started out quickly building Carl’s Jr. Restaurants and steadily moved in the construction of other restaurant chains

Jack in the Boxes, Taco Bells, and KFCs soon became YCC’s mainstay for quite a while before it began to branch out with other franchise operations. Casual and fine dining establishments were soon added to the vast array of YCC’s accomplishments. Over the next few years and into the new century, YCC continued to stay busy focusing on all aspects of commercial general contracting which at times included not only restaurants, but tenant improvements of various sizes and shapes in malls and strip centers. Major fast track remodels of many restaurants and TI’s were also YCC’s forte and continue to still be a constant source of income to this day.

02 Activity

In 2005, YCC incorporated and Jeremy Yergler entered the company as its vice president

YCC has prided itself in being a company built on “old school” principals in which it operates on a day to day basis. YCC has striven through the years to excel at developing relationships with its clients which in turn helped YCC to survive the downturn in the construction arena.

03 Team

Since that downturn, YCC has continued its long tradition of quality construction, with a personal touch

Yergler Construction has continued to build and establish itself as leader in the construction industry. YCC’s officers and staff are always ready to enter into its next project as if it were the very first one again, but now, with miles and miles of experience under our shoes which only help us to build you the best project that we can.

Rick Yergler


Rick started his career in construction at the age of 14. He would clean jobsites and nail off subfloors for his contractor father on weekends. He would move in and out of the construction arena throughout his school years until he took his first superintendent position at the age of 22 with a commercial general contractor in the Sacramento area. At 26, he went to work for Carl Karcher Enterprise’s construction division as a superintendent building Carl’s Jr. Restaurants. In August of 1987, Yergler Construction Company was formed. Rick started the company as a sole proprietor and continued building for many different restaurant companies, both corporate and franchise. In 2005, Rick brought his oldest son, Jeremy, into the company as vice-president to help manage and partner with a growing restaurant construction company.

Jeremy Yergler

Vice President

Growing up the son of a General Contractor, Jeremy definitely was not hurting for opportunities to work. He spent may a summer day on Rick’s job sites and as he grew, visiting for the day turned into working for the day. This translated to a desire to jump right into construction. He took a pass on college and starting right out of high school, he jumped right into construction. To date, Jeremy has only held down two full-time jobs in his entire adult life. After high school he started a 7 year period of working for a local home builder and tile contractor in the foothills, outside of Sacramento. This was a perfect situation. Jeremy’s boss was a family friend and took Jeremy under his wing and brought him along in all phases of construction.